Welfare & safe space policy

E1 is a safe space for all to enjoy their night, no one should be harassed, made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please speak to any member of our team and they will work with you to make sure you can continue to enjoy your night. All our security and welfare teams are trained in support.

If at any point during the evening you need medical assistance, or just a time out if everything is getting too much, please speak to any member of staff or security who will be able to assist you. We have a dedicated welfare area and medic on-site at every event. The welfare staff will be wearing a purple bib.

Let’s look after each other

  • Never accept a drink from anyone you do not know or do not completely trust.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended, even when going to the toilet.
  • Be aware that if you’ve already been drinking, you may be less aware of any danger and therefore more vulnerable.
  • Stay with your friends and consider very carefully whether you should leave the venue with someone you have just met.
  • If you begin to feel unwell or disoriented seek help from a trusted friend, a member of staff or the security team.
  • Please do not bring high value items to the club; put your belongings into the cloakroom on arrival.


If you experience or witness anything at our venue that indicates that we have not delivered on our promises then please get in touch with us via the following methods:

On the night:

Ask any member of staff to be introduced to the event manager in attendance at every event.


Please write in detail to info@e1ldn.co and we will respond to your complaint during weekday office hours.

E1’s operational commitments

Operational measures are in place during every event to deliver a safe environment for our staff, customers and neighbours:

  • Posters displayed within the venue to communicate E1’s welfare process.
  • The event manager is available throughout the whole event to address complaints/welfare/security.
  • Trained welfare staff available at every event to monitor the safety of our customers. Welfare staff are trained to deliver a sensitive approach and are in direct radio contact with the security team.
  • A trained medic is available on-site at every event.
  • E1 operates a resident’s WhatsApp group to address any concerns that our neighbours may have during operational hours.
  • info@e1ldn.co as a point of contact for complaints during weekday hours and managed post-event.
  • Street Cleaning Team. Before & after every event E1’s team canvas the surrounding area to clean up street rubbish. Whether the rubbish belongs to E1 or other businesses, E1’s team will collect and remove it.
  • CCTV – For your safety E1 operates CCTV throughout the venue and surrounding areas outside the venue.
  • Street Team – E1’s street supervisor and stewards are present on either side of Pennington Street throughout each event to monitor the safety of E1’s customers, manage the flow of people, the flow of traffic, reduce noise for residents and to deter anti-social behaviour.