Soundsystem specification

Both E1 club music rooms feature bespoke Funktion-One sound systems that have been designed, installed and maintained by Sound Services Ltd.

The Warehouse and Black Studio sound systems and DJ setups have been configured and optimised for trouble free, no feedback, performance with vinyl – a crucial factor for E1 and many of the artists we book.

The interiors of both the Black Studio and Warehouse have been completely redesigned around the audio installation, DJ and dance floor resulting in a precise, powerful, full frequency range acoustic experience.

E1 has invested in a sound proof venue to protect our neighbours and deliver an unrestricted dance floor sound experience.

A speaker unit hanging from the ceiling in E1's Warehouse

The two systems use the latest loudspeaker innovations from Funktion-One, including cutting-edge Evolution 6 Mid Highs and the revolutionary new linear transducer-powered BR132A Bass enclosures. This new technology can deliver unparalleled low end with precision and unlock low frequency information that goes unnoticed on most audio systems.

These, combined with the iconic F221 and F215 horn loaded loudspeakers, make two 5-way systems of epic proportions.

Shaun Murkett Acoustic Consultancy have treated both spaces comprehensively to achieve optimal acoustic performance, which is often overlooked in venues and clubs.

A bass speaker unit encased in concrete in E1's Black Studio

BR132A Bass

The BR132 is the largest, deepest and most powerful of Funktion-One's bass reflex series of bass loudspeakers. It utilises Powersoft’s high power M-Force linear transducer with Funktion-One’s own trademark cone, plus surround and enclosure technology. The BR132A is self-powered with an integrated M-Drive amplifier. It is around 40% smaller than its horn-loaded F132 counterpart and delivers plush elastic bass and ultra-low frequency extension. For all you sub lovers it is particularly effective in applications requiring deep, strong and well defined sub-bass at close range.

The E1 Wall of Sound, a Funktion-One bass soundsystem unit.


Funktion One – Large Scale 4 Point System.
5 Way with infra bass from BR132A loudspeakers.

  • 8×Evo6SH
  • 4×F215mk2
  • 8×F221
  • 2×BR132A
  • 2×Res2SH
  • 2×PSM318 DJ Monitors
  • FFA Amplification
  • XTA/F1 XO4A Signal Processing

Black Studio

Funktion One – Intimate 4 Point System.
5 Way with infra bass from BR132A loudspeaker.

  • 4×Evo6SH
  • 4×F215mk2
  • 4×F221
  • 1×BR132A
  • 2×F1201
  • 2×PSM318 DJ Monitors
  • FFA Amplification
  • XTA/F1 XO4A Signal Processing

White Studio

  • 2×Funktion resolution 4’s
  • 2×Funktion F218 subs
  • Power by Full Fat audio amplification

DJ equipment

  • 6×Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2
  • 2×Technics 1210 (MK2, 3, 5G)
  • incl. Isonoe Anti Vibration Feet

Wired+wireless microphones

The following are available to hire via our partners, Sound Services:

  • Sennheiser EW500 G3/4 Systems
  • SM58 and other wired mics available



Additional stage monitoring available including Turbosound, Funktion and more.


An MC and a DJ performing on-stage in E1's Warehouse

The Bug presents Pressure at E1, October 2019.