Production team & engineers

Sound Services

E1’s Funktion One sound systems, monitoring, are supplied by London’s Sound Services Ltd. The sound team has dedicated their expertise to E1 since its first event in 2012 and delivered the venue’s permanent sound installation in 2016. Their impeccable approach to sound brings an unparalleled experience for the dance floor faithful, high-quality monitoring for the DJs and, at E1, the first UK installation of Funktion-One’s BR132A infra bass loudspeaker units.

Sound Services Ltd. are a London based company who work directly with Funktion-One to showcase their latest technology and innovations; they are well known amongst those seeking high quality sound and turntable precision.

The E1 warehouse

Founder Curt Gilmore started Sound Services in 2003, meeting Funktion-One’s John Newsham around the same time while engineering at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival. The pair stayed in touch and John worked with Curt as he invested in his first Funktion-One system.

Shortly afterwards in 2006, Rich Cufley joined Curt at the company bringing with him years of experience engineering and part of the team installing systems at legendary London institutions such as Metalheadz (Leisure Lounge) and Bryan G’s Movement at Bar Rumba in addition to working with Turbosound systems (later to become Funktion-One).

A collage of photos showing people constructing the concrete enclosure that houses the bass units in E1's black studio.
The construction of E1’s Black Studio DJ Booth which house our BR132A subs. Installed by Sound Services.

Fast forward to the East London 2000’s warehouse party revival and Rich and Curt quickly became synonymous with delivering high quality sound installations. A rave renaissance was booming, with warehouse parties dotted around the East side of the city every weekend. During this fertile period Sound Services supplied electric minds, Mulletover, Disco Bloodbath, Fuse and many more pop up parties, usually in industrial spaces that presented a range of acoustic challenges.

Working directly with Funktion-One’s founder Tony Andrews, Curt, Rich and the Sound services team delivered a 6-point Ambisonic system at Glastonbury’s Glade area in 2017. This system allowed individual sounds or frequency bands to be moved around the 360 degree sound-field. The Orb, Sasha & Digweed and many others played on the experimental system which also incorporated four of the new F132 Subs.

The E1 wall of sound

Other notable touring systems were put together for three of Red Bull’s infamous Culture Clash events at Camden’s Roundhouse and Wembley Arena, Lost In A Moment (Osea Island), Notting Hill Carnival (Good Times / Norman Jay), Field Maneuvers Festival and more.

As Sound Services were gathering a reputation for delivering high quality sound systems their work expanded to clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs. Their experience and knowledge led to Funktion-One installations at The Dance Tunnel, Tola, The Eagle (Horse Meat Disco), Resident Advisor offices in London and Berlin, Canavans, The Curtain Hotel, Blok Gyms, The Star Pubs and many more London destinations.

Curt Gilmore and Richard Cufley are pioneers within the capital’s club world, earning their credentials at the birth of many of the cultures and scenes that are so prevalent in London’s modern music scene.


All engineers are from Sound Services and are skilled, professional and briefed and supplied (in advance and on site) with all artist riders and tech info provided by artists/management.

Changeovers and running orders are planned in advance to ensure smooth transitions between performances.