DJ booth, turntable isolation & monitoring

DJ monitoring

DJ monitoring in both rooms is provided by the benchmark PSM318s. To ensure the highest possible audio quality, the systems are powered by Full Fat Audio amplification. DSP signal processing is from XTA Electronics, both delivering the finest in audio quality, designed and built in Britain.

Dyed Soundorom digging for records at the DJ booth in E1's Warehouse.
The PSM318s in our Warehouse

Black Studio

Monitors: 2 × PSM318
DJ booth height: 105cm (floor to work surface)
Structure: Concrete and steel
Turntable isolation: Isonoe Anti Vibration Feet

For optimal sound quality and performance, the Black Studio booth has been meticulously designed and constructed as a solid single concrete structure. A clever ‘bunker’ design which fits precisely the F221 and BR132A bass units. These are directly under the DJ work surface directly facing the crowd.

With all sub bass in one location and working together, it removes any cancellations from other sources in different places and provides high levels of clean, defined low frequency energy which increases in intensity as you move nearer to the DJ. The definition and power of the 32” bass tuned properly with the F221’s is an incredible combination.

Despite the BR132A bass units sitting directly under the technical equipment and work surface, the booth’s inventive design and solid concrete structure generates zero vibration providing DJs and the audience with a high-quality turntable experience.

The power of the bass units, driven from a central source, converts to balanced audio distribution across the dance floor.

E1's intimate Black Studio, with a large bass speaker unit encased in concrete beneath the DJ booth.
The Black Studio


Monitors: 2 × PSM318
DJ booth height: Adjustable on request
Structure: Aluminium Litedeck & steel
Turntable isolation: Concrete slabs & Isonoe Anti Vibration Feet

The Warehouse’s stage and DJ Booth are built for each event. Thorough testing for feedback is carried out by our sound engineers for a seamless turntable experience. For an overview of techniques used for turntable isolation we’d recommend reading Objekt’s excellent guide and overview.

Ellen Allien performing in the E1 Black Studio, facing the crowd as she holds her arms out.