The Goods: rumu

Published on Wednesday 8 September 2021

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Keep scrolling to learn more about rumu, as he answer's some intro questions & shares his selection of The Goods (6 tracks, each selected for classic moments in a 24 hour session).

We look forward to rumu make his E1 debut on Saturday 13th November, joining Dusky who celebrate the release of their new album 'Joy' alongside Willow, Cameo Blush (Live), and NIKS. Secure your ticket here.


"rumu is named after a cat, bet you didn't expect that" - rumu

rumu! Thanks for taking the time out for us to get to know you better. SO… tell us how the name ‘rumu’ came about and when?

I studied Music Technology in Bath and for our final project in 2015 I decided to launch a new alias with a conceptual EP. During this time, I had a pet cat back in London who had several nicknames, ‘ru’ and ‘mu’ being two of them - so ‘rumu’ is named after a cat, bet you didn’t expect that…

Describe your style in 3 words. No genres!

Rugged. Playful. Free.

Been to / played at E1 before?

I’ve visited E1 loads as a punter but never played, this November will be the first

First record you bought?

I can’t remember which one was the first exactly, but Dungeon Meat / SE62 - The Fuck Off Track / True Force and Mood II Swing ‘Ohh’ were definitely a couple

First music memory?

When I was super young I used to be fascinated by pirate radio. I had an incredibly cheap tape deck in the house and some blank tapes I discovered in our loft. I would sit in my room recording grime sets on Heat FM and others whenever I could, adding labels to them once the tape was done. I soon built an impressive library of the stuff. I have no idea where those tapes are now :(

First rave you went to?

Hazy memory of this period of time, but my first proper club night was in back in 2010/2011 at Cable in Bermondsey. Being that period of time, dubstep had fully taken over the city and I remember seeing Jakes and Joker play all night. I grew up in Edmonton, North London and the 149 bus outside my house took me all the way to the club, and back. Some mad shit used to go down on that bus…

What project are you most excited about right now?

I’ve been writing a selection of tracks which are based around instruments and samples from my parents homeland of Mauritius. It remains to be seen how these will come together, whether it be an EP or not, but really excited to be exploring these sounds.

Warm Up Weapon: Rroxymore - ’Tropicalcore’

Why: This came out a few years back on Ostgut Ton and is one I always keep coming back to. It’s a great transitional track in a warm up set


Peak Time: Hassan Abou Alam - ‘Breathe’

Why: All the little mid bass elements in here really work on a big system!


One Last Tune: Stenny ‘Fail Better' (Bent Mix)

Why: Stenny’s productions are always standout. I love the contrast between the sultry pads and the wigged out percussion in here, perfect for the end of a set


After-Party: Roman IV aka Roman Flugel - ‘Lucy’

Why: Perfect for playing as the sun comes up!


Wild Card: Jeremy Sylvester - ‘Realise’

Why: Difficult to get this into a set but always try


Next Morning: Youandewan ‘Waiting For L’

Why: This whole album is one of my favourites, and a great shout for a hazy post-rave morning


When did you start producing and what would say has influenced your sound

I started producing a long time ago, potentially back in 2003/2004. I used to make grime instrumentals on FL Studio and pass them around MCs in school - I was obsessed with grime and garage from quite an early age so I’d say this has informed a lot of what I do to this day

Around this time last year, you dropped your debut EP Iso Desire on Dusky’s 17 Steps label no less! Has this always been a target imprint for you to release with? How did the conversation come about?

I’ve loved the 17 Steps label from the start and obviously the Dusky boys have legendary status at this point. I started producing again in lockdown (like loads of people) after taking five or so years off, and the four EP tracks were some of the first tracks I finished in this period. I sent it to Dusky via their management, and to my surprise the boys were into the music.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

I’d love to collaborate with an MC, the two front runners would be D Double E or President T

Where’s the most exciting place you’ve played to date?

As the rumu project is relatively new I haven’t played that many venues. I played at an abandoned Royal Air Force hangar in Dorset over the summer which was pretty cool

What can we expect from rumu in 2022, any new music in the works?

I have been writing tonnes of music which will hopefully all be surfacing over the next year. Coming up first and before the end of the year is my debut on UK label Scuffed Recordings which I’m properly excited for. I also have a remix for a big name act who I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention yet, but it’s on a package alongside two of my favourite producers of late.

What can fans expect from your debut performance at E1 this November?

I’ll be playing the opening slot so will hopefully warm up things nicely, and will pack a bunch of new bits and fresh rumu material!

rumu makes his E1 debut on Saturday 13th November, joining Dusky who celebrate the release of their new album 'Joy' alongside Willow, Cameo Blush (Live), and NIKS. Secure your ticket here.


We've uploaded the full mix from rumu to our SoundCloud. Listen below.

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