The Goods: Jim Rider

Published on Thursday 21 July 2022

Welcome to The Goods. Our series of mixes, track selections and quick-fire questions that bring you closer to your favourite artists.

Describe your style in 3 words. No genres!

Percussive, Melodic, Diverse

Have you been to / played at E1 before?

This will be my first time playing but i’ve been a few times as a punter, I used to live in Whitechapel so I was only a ten minute walk away. I think the first time at E1 was for Joris Voorn a few years ago and the last was probably for Marco Carola a few weeks back.

Favourite Room?

Ooh it’s a toss-up between the Black Studio and the Warehouse!

First music memory?

My first music memory is probably being around 5/6 years old and sitting in the corner of a pub at one of my mum’s folk club sessions. The first gig I remember going to was with my mum and dad to see Osibisa in Birmingham, they were an African/Caribbean/English funk band who were big in the 70’s and 80’s. I was probably 8/9 years old. I moved house recently and found the album my mum bought me at the show.

First record you bought?

I think the first record I bought for myself was Michael Jackson’s History, it was a double cassette. Showing my age there!

First rave you went to?

I grew up playing the drums and listening to bands so as a teenager I went to loads of live gigs but I reckon the first proper rave would have been at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. Couldn’t tell you who was playing haha.

What project are you most excited about right now?

I’ve got a collab EP coming out with Robbie Akbal soon on my label Signs which I’m really happy with (it’s the track from the Instagram promo video for this show for the ID hunters).

Pick 5 tracks you are loving right now…

I’m currently living in Ibiza where I’m a resident for All Day I Dream at Cova Santa, I’ve probably played this edit by Greg Ochman every week so far. I play a lot of his stuff, he’s a talented man!

I’ve also been playing this a lot this summer by Dutch artist Helsloot, released by my good friends XYZ in Canada.

I’m a big fan of Dim Kelly, I met him at the All Day I Dream festival and not only does he make sick music but he’s a lovely guy. This is a big track!

I was reminded about this remix of my track “Archipelago” by Fluida recently, I saw a video of them playing it at the Anjunadeep Explorations Festival and it was going off! It literally came out the week before the pandemic (Feb 2020) so I never actually got the chance to play it out then totally forgot about it.

I’m a big fan of both DJ Tennis and Joseph Ashworth so this one jumped out at me recently, I love the vocal. I played it in Paris last week and it’s a really nice change of mood mid set, it also works nicely as a closer!

Jim Rider will be joining us for Musique De Lune on Friday 29th of July.

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