The Goods: DAX J

Published on Thursday 2 December 2021

Welcome to The Goods. Our series of mixes, track selections and quick-fire questions that bring you closer to your favourite artists.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Dax J as he answers some intro questions & shares his selection of The Goods (6 tracks, each selected for classic moments in a 24 hour session).

We're excited for Dax to return after an explosive debut in March last year. This time he plays All Night Long in an 8hr extended set and if his last performance was anything to go by, you'll need to bring the stamina! Secure your ticket here.

"The reflection in the window was cutting off half of the word 'Monday' in the advert, and in a strange way it looked like it read MonnoM Black with the reflection, I instantly liked it!" - Dax J

Dax! you put on a serious show last time so we're delighted to have you back, this time going on till sunrise! Thanks for taking the time out your busy schedule for us to get to know you more.

Describe your style in 3 words. No genres!

Futuristic Utopian Surrealism

Been to / played at E1 before?

Yeah I played E1 just before the pandemic started in March 2020. It was my final weekend of gigs. Everyone seemed to know it would be the last party for a while, so the room had a great energy that particular night, it felt like a closing party!

Favourite Room?

Warehouse room as its the only room I've played in, I am yet to experience or witness the other rooms in action.

First music memory? 

Pretending to play the pre programmed Casio demo song on my sisters keyboard, imagining I was a musical genius. Must of been about 6 years old.

First record you bought?

Moving Fusion - Turbulence


First rave you went to?

Best of British Birthday Showdown at Bagleys, Kings Cross!


What project are you most excited by right now?

Lots of new music in the pipeline, EPs, remixes, singles, lots to be excited about!


Share The Goods

6 tracks, each selected for classic moments in a 24-hour session.


Warm Up Weapon: Quadrant - 'Infinition'

Why: Anything from Basic Channel is timeless, the dons of dub techno


Peak Time: Umwelt - 'Straight Outta Limits'

Why: It’s a beast


 Ricardo Villalobos - 'Dexter'

Why: Because it’s weird and ketty, just what you want at an afterparty


Next Morning:
Aphex Twin - 'Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92'

Why: Good comedown music, always cheers you up when you listen to it.


Great to have you with us Dax. Tell us a bit about Monnom Black. What made you want to launch your own label? How’s the release schedule looking coming up? And where did the name come from?

It was hard to get other labels to take my music at the time, and it meant i had freedom to release what i wanted, when i wanted.

The name actually found me. I was sitting on the tube in London travelling home one day thinking of a name for the label when i saw an advert in the corner of the carriage next to the window, it said “Black Monday”. I can’t remember what it was advertising but where i was sitting the reflection in the window was cutting off half of the word 'Monday' in the advert, and in a strange way it looked like it read MonnoM Black with the reflection, i instantly liked it!

And yes there are a few EPs planned for next year, vinyl production delays is the only problem right now, my distributor recently told me it is now 6 months for production! So apart from the delays, all is looking great with the release schedule!

Remember March 14th 2020? That final set with us was pretty special. Your flight was cancelled so you got the train instead if we remember rightly…

Yes it was the last set before lockdown, I remember it well, everyone knew what was coming so it was extra special... Great night!

From drum and bass, to Berlin and right the way through to techno. What is it about the genre that really made it stick for you?

The darkness, the energy and emotion, and there was just so much of it discover. Im still discovering old tracks today that i never heard before!

Outside of music, how do you like to spend your time Dax? Are there any hobbies that you’re particularly fond of? 

Outside of music... Tough question. Generally I don’t really get time for anything else apart from drinking coffee, getting into fights at airports, watching too much Youtube, sad to say but thats about it!

I dedicate my life to the music because i love it and there’s nothing else i would rather do, its a labor of love!

Dax J makes his highly anticipated return to E1 on Saturday 18th December. We’re delighted to welcome back a true titan of modern-day techno as he prepares to delve deep & keep the Warehouse stomping all night long.

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