The Goods: Alinka

Published on Monday 2 August 2021

Welcome to The Goods. Our new series of mixes, track selections and quick-fire questions that bring you closer to your favourite artists.


Keep scrolling to learn more about Alinka, as she answers some quick-fire questions, shares her selection of The Goods (6 tracks, each selected for classic moments in a 24 hour session) and finally, goes into a little more detail about her upbringing in Chicago.

Alinka will be making her debut at E1 on Saturday, 7th August alongside Ame (live), George Fitzgerald, Trikk, & Tsepo. Secure your ticket here.


"It took me probably 10 years to even like anything I was making, but once it clicked I just kept growing." - Alinka.


Describe your style in 3 words. No genres!

Dirty. Fun. Feelings.

Been to / played at E1 before?

No, but I’m very much looking forward to it

First music memory?

My first music memory is learning to play the piano from the time I could sit up on the bench in my room in Ukraine.

First record you bought?

I honestly can’t remember the first record I bought but I’m sure it was something on Cajual records as that was my favourite label.

First rave you went to?

I think my first rave was in 1999 at Route 66, a roller rink in Chicago. I don’t remember exactly which party it was but I remember my car got broken into and all our coats were stollen in the middle of Chicago winter, and we then had to drive back to University two hours away on $7 of gas but still had the time of our lives.

What project are you most excited by right now?

I’m excited to be writing music again after taking a couple months off. I’m not really writing for a specific project, just sitting down when I feel creative and writing. I am very excited to be working with the labels I love and looking forward to what the future holds. 


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6 tracks, each selected for classic moments in a 24-hour session.


Warm Up Weapon: L.B. Dub Corp - Reel One [MOTELP04]

Why: I love this track cause it is still deep enough to play in a warm-up but really kicks off so you can start to go a bit harder after playing this so it’s a good transition track.


Peak Time: Alejandro Paz - DURO (Diegors un poquito mas Dub versión) - Comeme

Why: Never get sick of this track and it always works.


One Last Tune: Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out Dj Steef Edit - ZE Records

Why: Good wind-down track and also just epic.


After-Party: Rossell - Dancing With Strangers feat. Emmma - (Lifelike Mix)

Why: Dark and dirty, perfect for after hours.


Wild Card: Fischerspoonder - Emerge (Junkie XL remix)

Why: Crazy intro, it’s a classic, and when it kicks you can’t help but go crazy.


Next Morning: Danny Tenaglia feat. Liz Torres - Turn Me On

Why: It’s gorgeous and perfect.


What was it like growing up in Chicago? Did you begin DJing in the city early on? There must be a great musical presence there…

It was a life-changing and amazing experience, inspiring beyond words. I’m super grateful to have experienced living there and getting to see and learn from my favourite DJ’s who came before me.

I started DJing in Chicago around 2001 when I turned 21 and could get into clubs. I played around different venues in the city and then Justin Long, one of my mentors, took me under his wing and made me an opening resident for his .Dotbleep parties at Smartbar.

That was the main gig and where I truly grew as a DJ. I think learning to open a room and play longer sets is an invaluable experience that not many DJ’s get. It really was monumental for me.

Tell us about Twirl, your label project alongside Shaun J Wright. What made you want to start a label? And how did the idea come about?

Shaun and I started the label to showcase our friends, as well as people we loved musically, and also to have more control over our own output at the time. We were working on so much new music and we really wanted to control our own schedule and creative output. Having our own imprint allowed us to fully do that.

Your back catalogue of productions is extensive! Was learning how to produce a natural progression? We’d certainly say so after listening to your REKIDS debut earlier this month…

Thank you. I’m proud of my catalogue because I can listen back and hear my progression, and am happy to have grown throughout the journey.

I would say it was a natural progression but definitely a long one. There wasn’t any YouTube tutorials or quick courses and shortcuts when I started producing, I had to mostly learn from trial and error. I always knew what I wanted to sound like, and my taste didn’t really change, but my ability to get my ideas out and my voice across grew with experience.

It took me probably 10 years to even like anything I was making, but once it clicked I just kept growing. I can hear a bit of myself in the earlier tracks, even when I had no idea what I was doing, and I’m just glad I never gave up because now I’m in a place where I’m really happy making music, from the moment I sit down in the studio. I still am learning every day, but that’s the fun of it all.


Alinka will be making her debut at E1 on Saturday, 7th August alongside Ame (live), George Fitzgerald, Trikk, & Tsepo. Secure your ticket here.

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