Nicole Moudaber: Defining Moments

Published on Wednesday 21 September 2022

Ahead of Nicole Moudaber's return to the club on 8th October as part of her seminal In The Mood series, we look back on the defining moments of her career so far.

1999: Trashy Renaissance

The name of Nicole's first-ever event in Beirut. Taking place in the city centre near a derelict cathedral and semi-destroyed mosque, the space held 1000 people and brought together a mixed crowd of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Druze. Speaking to Beatportal last year, Nicole said punters united to 'dance under the stars.' It was a short-lived series, though—an undercover Syrian agent later reported the Halloween edition of Trashy Renasissance to the police. Luckily, Nicole's sister—a lawyer—prevented any further action between her sibling and the authorities, who attempted to hold Nicole in a cell for three days.

2009: Carl Cox Shoutout

Shortly after her stint promoting parties in Beirut, Nicole moved to London, where she could flourish without feeling oppressed by the Syrian regime in Lebanon. Making moves on the local scene as a DJ and producer, Carl Cox touted Nicole as "the most underrated DJ" in an interview with DJ Mag in 2009, swiftly sliding Nicole's name under the radar of the international techno circuit. Today, Carl remains a close friend of the Nigerian-born artist.

2013: Believe LP [Drumcode]

Adam Beyer's label Drumcode released Nicole's first LP. A thumping body of work, it includes a collaboration with Beyer and nine solo offerings by Nicole. The album went down well, with Resident Advisor summing it up as '...a record of undeniable charm that benefits from Nicole Moudaber's single-minded, unfussy approach to techno.' Dark, dubby and groovy, Believe is a timeless collection of music and a go-to reference for techno DJs today.

2013: MOOD Records

Nicole launched her label MOOD records in 2013 with the release of her EP In The Mood. She went on to push tech house, techno, electronica and minimal releases from an array of artists, including Carl Cox, Pan-Pot, Joel Mull, Sly Faux and many more. She even collaborated with Skin from British rock band Skunk Anansie on Breed, a five-track EP that combined the pair's disparate but cutting-edge textures.

2016: In The MOOD Radio

Nicole runs and curates a weekly radio show called In The MOOD. With listeners across the globe, the broadcast garners a loyal listenership of over 16 million listeners. The show won the accolate of 'Best Online Music Show' in 2016 as part of the Online Radio Awards.

2018: ELEVEN

Nicole co-launched the campaign ELEVEN alongside psychotherapist and human rights activist Leyla Hussein to raise awareness and prevent female genital mutilation. Money raised from the campaign went to the Magool Foundation, which supports survivors of FGM and those working to end it.

2022: 'The key is never to settle, got to keep moving and growing.'

In an interview with DJ Life Mag earlier this year, Nicole shared insight into how she approaches her work. Since she started out in the late 90s, her humble nature, charisma and charm have prevailed, affirming her status as a true pro who takes nothing for granted. Despite the highs and lows of being an artist in a rapidly-changing world, Nicole's attitude to evolve but remain true to herself is as fresh as it was in 90s-era Lebanon.

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