History of: Randall

Published on Wednesday 27 July 2022

Simply put, Randall is a legend. A trail-blazing talent from the jungle and drum'n'bass scenes, he's part of the OG crew—Goldie, dBridge, Fabio & Grooverider and Doc Scott amongst others—who helped cultivate both genres in the UK during the 90s. Today, Randall remains an era-defining DJ who's still got it, almost three decades into the game.


The year is 1991. Randall is co-running a record shop in Forest Gate called De Underground Records with Mike De Underground, Cool Hand Flex and Uncle 22. Acid house was the sound de jour until Lennie De Ice's breakbeat tune "We Are IE" circulated the store and local raves at the time. UK-based producers began to lean towards a more broken, hardcore sound before mutating these tones into D'n'B and jungle stylings. Randall started rinsing the track on pirate radio and gradually built a collection of solid jungle tunes that dominated the 90s underground rave circuit. He was there to witness the beginning of a movement, and his enthusiasm for the sound is just as fresh today as it was back then.


Randall spent the majority of his early career at Paradise Club in Islington, where he frequently DJ’d for A Way of Life (AWOL) parties. He played at the iconic Bluenote in Hoxton with his Metalheadz cohorts too, learning his craft to an exceptional standard and winning the hearts of London ravers. Randall held the dancefloor in the palm of his hand, inspiring a pair of young producers called Andy C and Friction along the way. Commissioned mixes for Mixmag, Drum & Bass Arena, Dreamscape and Ministry of Sound helped to propel his profile further, earning him a devoted fan base and worldwide acclaim.


There's a certain title associated with Randall. Several publications and artists have crowned him ''The DJs DJ'', and considering his longrunning tenure and significant contribution to UK jungle and DnB, Randall's earned that title. But he's not about titles. Randall remains a down-to-earth guy who hasn't gotten swept up in the frivolity of the music business. He just likes to "spread a vibe,'' essentially.


Following a path in DJing can be pretty unpredictable, but it's still working out for Randall, despite the colossal changes that have cropped up in music since he started out. Everything from how promoters promote their events, the influx of new technology and DJ gear, and the introduction of social media have impacted the dance music realm over the last 20 years. But Randall's weathered it out, playing all over the globe and remaining a huge inspiration to the next generation of D'n'B and jungle heads. Today, you can find Randall upending the Melkweg in Amsterdam, Hidden in Manchester and, indeed, here at E1 on Saturday 27th August with Jah Shaka, DJ Craze, Sully, Randall b2b Doc Scott, Tim Reaper and Tailor Jae. A meeting between old-skool and new names alike.

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