Focus on: The Lady Machine

Published on Friday 15 July 2022

Pornceptual resident DJ, producer and co-owner of the Unterwegs record label, The Lady Machine is proving a vital artist on the German and UK techno circuits. We are excited to welcome her for her E1 Debut on Saturday, July 23rd.

History: Born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Berlin, The Lady Machine started DJing in Brazil in the late 90s. At the time, she played stripped-back but groove-heavy techno but decided to duck out of the scene when minimal techno became in vogue during the 00s. Studying sound engineering in Bristol, she viewed music from the lens of a sound engineer, allowing her to focus entirely on production. Once whispers of Brexit emerged, she upped sticks to Berlin, and it's here where The Lady Machine has evolved into the in-demand DJ and producer she is today.

Label: The Lady Machine heads up Unterwegs alongside Bristolian artist Decka. Together, the pair push hypnotic, trippy and club-driven techno. While Decka and The Lady Machine have released their own spiralling productions on the imprint, they've supported up-and-coming talents too like Amanda Mussi, Kameliia and Philipp Gorbachev.

Releases: Beginning in 2017 with remixes for producers like Ben Long and Ken Ishii, a slew of releases have followed suit, including a contribution to Token's Fuga II V/A with 'Resilience' and Symbolism's Synchronicity V/A with 'Swelter'. Last year, she debuted on Luke Slater's Mote Evolver imprint with her 'Magnify EP' and like her DJ sets, it's a collection of straight-up, stomping grooves made for a spirited rave.

DJ Sets: As heard on her recent podcast for RA, The Lady Machine knows how to create a vibe. Rather than diving into 145 BPM bangers from the moment she steps into the booth, she arrives prepared with rhythmic records and sonically-rich techno, the kind that celebrates new and vintage aesthetics — all of which she nails with seamless mixing.

The Lady Machine will make her E1 debut on July 23rd.

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