Focus on: DVS1

Published on Wednesday 6 July 2022

A leading producer and DJ from the techno realm, DVS1 remains one of the most in-demand and respected artists on the global dance music scene. We take a look at some of his highlights to date...

History: Starting out as a rebellious young raver in his native Minneapolis during the 90s, DVS1 has come a long way from his DIY prom days in the midwest. However, one thing remains the same — he's still an avid record collector with an unparalleled passion for producing and mixing.

Productions: Following a debut release* on Klockworks back in 2009, DVS1 launched his own imprint, HUSH, and gradually gained notoriety worldwide for his sleek but groove-heavy sound. Today, HUSH garners the sub-label Mistress Recordings geared toward artists producing multi-toned aesthetics.

Aslice: Although DVS1 tours regularly, he still keeps his ear to the ground and remains an advocate for a fairer DJ-producer ecosystem. In 2022, DVS1 launched the software-based service Aslice. It allows DJs to directly share earnings with producers whose music they played in their sets. It's pretty simple. After a DJ imports their tracklist and gig details to the platform, 5% or more of their fee is distributed to producers whose music they played on the night. A win-win all around.

Projects: Sound is a science to DVS1. In 2015, he created 'The Wall of Sound.' An evolving project, it sees a stack of fine-tuned speakers dominate the front of a room — where a DJ would usually play — to offer a more sociologic experience in the nightlife context. Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Blawan and Helena Hauff have since worked the Wall, with the first event taking place in a grain silo complex in Rotterdam's industrial area in 2015 – a real ode to his Midwest rave roots.

MONOM: As co-founder of the Berlin-based studio MONOM, DVS1 spends a significant time there whenever he's in town. It's a space with one of only two 4DSOUND setups and remains one of the planet's most advanced spatial sound instruments. Launched in 2017, today it's a celebrated artist-run cultural centre, performance space and sound laboratory.

DVS1 will be playing alongside Freddy K and The Lady Machine Saturday 23rd July.

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