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E1 is a fully accessible and step-free venue and has dedicated radar key toilet facilities. If you are a music lover with a disability and require a PA, please contact us at and a member of our team will be in touch.

Due to being a multipurpose venue, E1 has limited seating available inside the venue. If you do require somewhere to sit or have any questions or requirements, please contact us at in advance of the event and we will get back to you.

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Getting here

For directions on how to get to E1, please visit this page.


E1 operates a card and cash cloakroom. We are not able to accommodate oversized items so please leave large items, like suitcases, at home. We always recommend taking a photo of your cloakroom ticket in case of loss.

Cash point / ATM

E1 does not have a cashpoint inside the venue. The nearest cashpoint is a 2 minute walk at the BP garage on the Highway.

ID & tickets

Upon arrival, please have your photo ID ready. Please have your ticket already downloaded on your phone or printed out, as this will ensure your entry is as quick as possible.

A group of clubbers in the canteen area of E1

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Entry policy


The minimum age to attend an E1 event is 18. E1 operates a Challenge 25 policy.

Food & drink

Food and drink are not permitted to be brought into the venue. However, should you have specific dietary requirements, please contact us in advance to arrange to bring your own.

Chewing gum

The venue operates as a photographic space during the week, to ensure no sticky marks are left on the floors, chewing gum is not permitted and will be confiscated at the door.

Dress code

E1 operates a relaxed dress-code. Trainers and jeans are welcome.

Prescription medication

E1 allow prescription medication but customers should contact the venue on in advance. The customer should bring the box with the prescription slip displayed.


Like all UK venues, E1 has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs.


Being searched is a condition of entry to the venue to protect your safety and that of others. Every customer will be subject to a full body and bag search to gain entry to the venue. E1’s SIA security staff will conduct searches of person, clothing, bags and other items which we reasonably determine at our own discretion on entry and exit. E1 reserve the right to disallow, within the venue, items which may be illegal or which, in our reasonable opinion, may cause danger or disruption to the event, or other patrons (regardless of whether or not such items are illegal or carried for a specific purpose), or are otherwise prohibited pursuant to these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, food and beverages (other than as required on proven medical grounds).

Anyone found in possession of illegal or contraband may also be liable for prosecution. All items left with security before entry into the venue are left at your own risk.


E1 has a no re-entry policy.

A crowd of clubbers at the E1 nightclub

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At the event

Opening times

E1 operates as a day and night time venue so please check your ticket for the event and opening times in addition to E1’s social media events. Any changes to event times will be posted to our social media channels.

Bars & drinking water

Bars are situated in every room at E1. Our bars accept cash and card. Free drinking water is available from the Canteen bar near the toilets.


For day time event food options please visit the individual social media events for details. A food vendor option is not currently available during E1’s night time events.

Smoking area

E1 provides a smoking area for guests. As a duty of care to the local residents, we ask that all guests keep noise to a minimum when in the smoking area.

Mobiles phones

As you may be aware, phone thieves and pickpockets often target London nightclubs. Please take care of your handbag and phone.


Photography is permitted only via your smartphone.

Set times

Set times are displayed throughout the venue during the event times. Please note E1 does not post set times in advance on social media.

Ear safety

Our sound system is delivered to a high specification and at volume. Please protect your hearing – E1 provides free earplugs at all bars.

Lost property

If you lose anything during an E1 event please email us at with a full description of the item. We keep lost property items for 4 weeks, after this we donate any unclaimed items to charity.