E1’s commitment to diversity is evident in its actions, in previous events we’ve hosted, in our promoter partners, our in house bookings and our clientele. It’s evident in the atmosphere of the dance floor when you step in. It’s evident in the quality of DJs that come to entertain. It’s evident in a crowd that represents underground dance music culture at its core. It’s evident in the friends you came with and the new ones you leave with. It’s evident because E1 is a venue that’s just for you London.

People dancing on the stage at E1


The history and context of dance music’s genesis is not lost on E1. Queer clubbing is a lineage that deserves to be upheld by every institution that stakes any claim on dance music past, present and future. We’ve shown our ability to cater to the specific needs of the LGBTQIA+ community via our promoter partners Pussy Palace, Verboten, Revolver, Brut, Little Gay Brother and that our dancefloors, no matter the night, are inclusive spaces.

E1 provided the utmost care for us during our sweet, short time there. It definitely lives up to its intentions as a safer space and it's incredibly immaculate for such a large venue. The team and staff were always on hand when it came to the care and safety of our team and guests. The tech set up is next level too! It’s the ultimate clubbing space – they’ve absolutely set the bar for other large London venues. Even worldwide.

Pxssy Palace